The Elder Group LLC

Our mission, coming together to improve the way professionals, organizations and systems respond to elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. Each team member contributes their unique experience and expertise to our cause. We share a commitment to work towards a world where older people live with dignity and well-being, free from abuse and neglect.

About US

The Elder Group LLC was founded in 2019 by a brother and sister team dedicated to advocating, educating and protecting elders of abuse and financial exploitation. Charles and Teresa Peek have more than 30 years of experience working within the human services field, some would refer to them as the helper of people because they each have a desire to promote social inclusion, equality and social justice among persons unable to advocate for themselves.  Abuse whether domestic, sexual, emotional or psychological has plagued many on different levels; however, we've noticed

older persons of abuse has a tendency to go undetected. Older people face unique barriers when attempting to report an abuse - such as fear of

loneliness, fear of being institutionalized, fear of not being believed, fear of being separated from family, and fear for the impact on the abuser –

particularly if they are a family member. 

Elders are entitled to be in control of their own lives, oftentimes they may often find themselves in a position where their ability to exercise choice or represent their own interests is limited due to  frailty, disability, financial circumstances or social attitudes. We've notice throughout time, very little work has been done with perpetrators who abuse older people, so there is a lot that we don’t know about elder abuse; however, we are dedicated to providing advocacy and promoting victim services for older survivors by providing information and resources on equitable and accessible programs, safety planning, outreach, and mandatory reporting.

The Elder Group LLC is dedicated to collaborating and partnering with organizations that address domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse in later life, and elder abuse by offering training workshops on elder abuse and how to respond to reports of elder abuse. We along with many others have a desire to advocate for elder justice by providing information on legal remedies and resources to enhance victim safety and to hold offenders accountable, to include  raising awareness of abuse in later life and elder abuse by focusing on older survivors and their needs as well as engage in policy development by working on a range of issues that affect survivors of abuse in later life.

Charles L. Peek


Mr. Peek’s career in public service has spanned over 20 years working in non- profit agencies. His extensive experiences include working with the Urban League of Hampton Roads in the areas of Housing and Community Development and as Director of Community Services and Legislative Affairs.

Mr. Peek has lent his expertise to several community organizations to include; former Vice Chairman of the Hampton Roads Housing Consortium, Past Chairman, Local Human Rights Committee of Hampton Roads, President & Founder of the African American Policy Council, President of Board of Directors of Friends of Norfolk Juvenile Courts, Norfolk Community Services Board and President of Concerned Citizens for Political Education of Norfolk.

Mr. Peek received his BS degree in Human Resource Management and a Master Certificate in Strategic Organizational Leadership. Other training credits include Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training, Case Management and Clinical Training at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Family Counseling, Crisis Intervention and Treatment Planning, Reports, Record-keeping.

A man of many talents and gifts that he uses to enhance the quality of life for members of his community. He is married with three wonderful children.

Teresa A. Peek is the Chief Operations Officer of The Elder Group LLC. Ms. Peek is a state of Maryland Victim Services Certified Professional (VASIII) and the first Elder Abuse Victim Advocate covering the state of Maryland. She is an expert trainer and consultant on sexual assault response and elder abuse prevention. She has fulfilled a number of requirements including completing all of the training modules in the Online Training Institute End Violence against Women International.

Ms. Peek's work includes working as a Military Contractor for many years, to include work as a Survivor Outreach Coordinator case manager for survivors of fallen soldiers in Orlando, Florida,  Family Readiness Support Assistant in Charleston and Columbia, SC. Ms. Peek has 30 years’ experience working in the field of violence against women, providing direct services to victims and both training and supervision for volunteer advocates and other professionals. Ms. Peek is a former volunteer Victim Advocate for People against Rape in Charleston, SC, a former Court Appointed Advocate for CASA in Columbia, SC. Ms. Peek was a part of the planning and implementation of the 911 monument located in downtown Columbia, SC. Ms. Peek started a safe house for women out of her Charleston/Ladson, SC home.

Ms. Peek has many talents and gifts and geared towards advocating for individuals and their families.

Ms. Peek is the mother of 3 beautiful adult children and 1 grandson.

Ongoing education for professionals and the public is critical to ending elder abuse.

Educating and Engaging the Public

Our Team Conducts and Supports Public and Professional Education.

Elder abuse is often missed or dismissed for a number of reasons – ageism, lack of education, the mistaken belief that violent conflicts within a family are no one else’s business. 

We aim to give the public and professionals from all walks of life concrete tools to recognize and intervene in elder abuse through these many educational efforts.

The first step in ending elder abuse is to dispel these misconceptions and teach those who come in contact with victims that it occurs commonly and can be addressed.  We aim to use social media to share information with the general public. We hope to build awareness of elder abuse and drive direct action from the public.

Training Professionals

Members of our team have lectured locally and state to state about elder abuse on hundreds of occasions. We have trained physicians, nurses, police, lawyers, bankers and other professionals who might come into contact with elder abuse. We have engaged with thousands of learners in this way, and support educational efforts in communities that wish to bring the message of elder abuse detection and prevention to their citizens.

We Advocate for Better Laws and Policies to Improve Government and Societal Response To Elder Abuse

Outdated Policies Increase Risk of Abuse

Stronger laws and regulations are needed to protect nursing home and assisted living residents and empower loved ones to be fully informed about the quality of their health care. Until we have stronger advocacy,  nursing home residents will remain at risk.

Amplifying the Voices of Victims Can Change Systems That Allow or Perpetuate Suffering

Advising, Rallying and Protecting

Elder abuse is only recently recognized a societal problem; victims are too frail (or perish) so they have no voice to rally others. We advise governments, organizations, courts, and other entities on the best evidence-based policies and laws that can be brought to bear on the problem of elder abuse.