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Helping Elders Gain Power In Life

Welcome to Elder-Group

Elder-Group provides direct short-term services to elderly and disabled persons to include victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. We provide short-term in-home sitter or homemaker services to ensure the victims’ safety and avoid unnecessary out-of-home placement and short-term placement for adults requiring emergency out-of-home placements including nursing home, assisted living, and foster care.

Our goal is to form a multidisciplinary community response team dedicated to providing training, increasing collaboration, and creating strategic plans for victims of elder abuse. We work in tandem with our partnered agencies, providing a comprehensive network of supportive services such as victim advocacy and victims of elder abuse.

Our Mission

Our mission is come together to improve the way professionals, organizations, and systems respond to elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Each team member contributes their unique experience and expertise to our cause. We share a commitment to work towards a world where older people live with dignity and free from abuse and neglect.

We Provide Elder Consultation

A consultation is an educational tool.

Initial Consultation

We are prepared to explain various options such as the ramifications of continuing care at home; circumstances in which a senior might need, or wish, to move; offer education and resources on planning; discuss pertinent home safety measures; and offer tips on how best to coordinate with other family members, especially during a trying time.


The care plan can only be as good as the degree to which it becomes a reality. Once there is consensus on the plan by all the involved parties, making the care plan a reality becomes our primary concern. Our care professionals coordinate the activities of the team, monitor the team’s progress, modify the care plan as necessary, and provide continual feedback to the client and involved loved ones.

Insights on Aging

For Older Adults

We hope that you come to understand that you are not alone with the challenges of aging. Most people face these same concerns as they get older. There are ways to make the adjustment easier through drawing upon your strengths and allowing others to assist you. That is a part of the grace of aging.

For Family Members

We hope to give you a sense of the issues your older loved ones are facing. By helping you understand the profound need for older adults to retain control over their own lives, we strive to point the way so you can work together as a team with empathy and respect. After all, you too will be making this journey one day.


Elder-Group offers services, as well as referrals and resources in home health and victim advocacy.

If You Have Any Questions, Schedule an Appointment With Our Trainer/Consultant

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